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Craftman's Choice Eka Food

Sweet Chestnut

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Canned Onion

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Our Story

  • 1930
  • 2006
  • 2017

Started in Gaziantep

Eka Food Company was first established in Gaziantep. Since its establishment, our company has been operating in different areas in the food sector and has gained trust in the market in which it provides products / services by protecting the basic ethical principles in all its activities.

First Canned Food Production

Our company started to produce the first canned products in 2006 and started to concentrate on its production activities. Eka Food Company, is the first company to produce cooked chopped onion, which is preferred by the food sector, providing great convenience in food factories and patty area.

Continuing to Grow

Eka Food Company, which operates with the strategy of being one of the leading canned producers of Turkey, continues to grow.

Eka Food Company

Decare Land

Yearly 3.000
Ton Onion

Yearly 2.000
Ton Chestnut

Distribution Zone

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